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Whoopi Goldberg Bad - The Associate - BA042B
October 25, 2017 11:36 PM PDT
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At your next pub quiz, when asked to name a Whoopi Goldberg movie that features Donald J. Trump, you'll have the answer! THE ASSOCIATE is a 1996 satirical comedy of finance and feminism in which the Whoopster launches a one-woman campaign to break into the world of Wall Street (with help from spunky secretary Dianne Weist). This Clinton-era curiosity was woke before woke... sort of. You see, this film's version of taking down the patriarchy involves layering its heroine in a mask of (Caucasian) latex to pose as a fictitious white male titan of industry: the aptly - and repetitively - named Robert Cutty. (What was that name?? Cutty. Cutty? CUTTY!) There is probably a brilliant Brechtian bouillabaisse to be made from these ingredients, laced with a hearty helping of identity politics, but this earnestly flat-footed film is not it. Instead, it's Simone de Beauvoir meets Mrs. Doubtfire as the very real structures of institutional sexism serve as the backdrop for a gender-bending so-called romp. And they say the name "Cutty"...A LOT!!

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Whoopi Goldberg Good - Sister Act - BA042
October 24, 2017 11:40 PM PDT
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Hail Whoopi, Full of Grace. One-time Oscar winner, four-time Oscar Host. Standup comedian, prestige actress, box office draw, supporting player, talk show panelist... Goldberg has played many parts. Simultaneously smart, saucy and saccharine, she is truly one of Hollywood's most beloved personalities - over a career that ranges from huge hits to massive misfires. Through it all, she's somehow never lost our affection, whether communing with dead spirits or summoning the Holy Ghost to shake up Maggie Smith's cloistered convent. SISTER ACT was first envisioned as a vehicle for Bette Midler, but Whoopi in a wimple proved impossible to pass up. Brian was raised by a nun and Seán has played one on the gay cabaret circuit, so returning to this family classic didn't feel like penance. Upon rewatching, though, how many of its cardinal virtues remain intact?

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Michelle Pfeiffer Crazy - Grease 2 - BA041C
October 13, 2017 05:59 AM PDT
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You want to know what crazy is? Crazy is a film where Michelle Pfeiffer is almost outdone by Lorna Luft. When hearing Tab Hunter sing about pollinating stamens starts to makes sense to you, you know you’ve been watching GREASE 2 for too long. Some actresses' careers might have burned to ash on the pyre of this kind of camp (which is even more nonsensical than the first movie) but young Michelle emerged from it like a phoenix and became a star. The same cannot be said of her co-lead Maxwell Caulfield: the blond heart throb failed to initiate a second British invasion, but DAMN, is he nice to look at!!

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Michelle Pfeiffer Bad - White Oleander - BA041B
October 12, 2017 05:26 AM PDT
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WHITE OLEANDER has it all: a ridiculous title, the imprimatur of Oprah's Book Club, and a parade of the blondest actresses of the early 2000s. As she exited the 90s and entered a decade that didn’t know what to do with any woman over 40 (except Meryl f****** Streep), Pfeiffer plays a troubled mother(!) to drippy Alison Lohman (remember her?). Michelle does whatever she can with whatever she’s given, but watching her smirk sociopathically in a prison jumpsuit doesn't make the most of her talents. Prepare yourself for an insanely convoluted bildungsroman in which little Alison gets passed from Michelle to Robin Wright to Renee Zellweger, spouting overwritten voiceovers all the way through. We were worried when the movie started that it might end up being good... we were wrong.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Good - The Fabulous Baker Boys - BA041
October 11, 2017 05:41 AM PDT
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We begin THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE CRAZY with Michelle Pfeiffer, one of the quintessential actresses of the 80s and 90s who is thankfully back on our screens this year. Amongst her many iconic roles, it was arguably THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS (1989) that cemented her stardom. In this timelessly old-fashioned showbiz story, Pfeiffer is saucy call girl-turned-lounge singer Suzie Diamond. Everyone will swoon over Jeff Bridges and pity poor brother Beau, but BAKER BOYS floats on Pfeiffer’s insouciant line delivery as the elusive chanteuse. Watching her scrappy sensual musical numbers you feel all the feeeeeeeelings, and wanna start makin’ whoopee.

Part 1 of 3

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Season 3 Teaser - The Good, The Bad and The Crazy!
September 27, 2017 03:55 PM PDT
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After last season's magnum opus, we bring you... another. One actress. One career. Three films that capture her spirit: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE CRAZY.

Every actress has made films she's proud of, others that seemed like a good idea at the time and some so weird that she must have been brave, desperate or sued into making them. We return to some favourite actresses that we've covered before as well as some legends whom we've somehow passed over (as if we were the Academy Awards and she was Albert Nobbs).

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE CRAZY will arrive in your podcast feed in three parts, every two weeks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - meaning you get three helpings of cinema's greatest women. Two things that remains the same: Brian's verbose enthusiasm and Seán's insouciant interjections. In this new season it's three times the fun, but the same old BROAD APPEAL!

The Bridges of Madison County - BA040
July 05, 2017 06:15 PM PDT
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The time has come: 12 books. 12 films. All of them read (by Brian). We conclude our magnum opus with THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, the insufferable little book by Robert James Waller that became the sensitive work of bleeding-heart conservative Clint Eastwood.

Meryl Streep is Francesca Johnson: The Italian war-bride who traded Bari for Iowa, and fiery Italian passion for steadfast, cornfed, mundanity. Then enter photographer Robert Kincaid (Eastwood) and four days that change her life forever. 

Like all true fans, here at Broad Appeal we have equal parts ire and admiration for the most overrated actress in the world. But there is just something about Meryl in THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY that even Pauline Kael would have praised her for. Could this be the film where Brian learned what love was, all those years ago in Quincy, Mass? Is it as he remembers? And will Seán be sucker-punched by the inescapability of melodramatic love? In a word, yes.

To all our listeners: thanks for coming on this journey with us! We'll be back in the autumn for a new series with absolutely no required reading. Peace + Love, Brian & Seán.

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Special Fan Bonanza - BA039A
June 19, 2017 10:31 AM PDT
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Hello, dedicated listeners -- THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! We made a mini-episode to show you our love (and also because the regular podcast has been delayed). Enjoy this appertif before the imminent season finale. It features our appreciation of YOU... plus recommendations of other movie-related media:
-You Had Us at Hello (podcast)
-Tired Old Queen at the Movies (YouTube channel)
-www.thefilmexperience.net (film blog & podcast)
We'll be back in your feed with Meryl before too long, we promise!! - Seán & Brian xoxo

Jackie Brown - BA039
June 07, 2017 05:34 PM PDT
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An air hostess, a gun runner, a bail bondsman, a sun kissed dope-bunny and his boyfriend Brian... but enough about our holiday! Elmore Leonard's RUM PUNCH was adapted by Quentin Tarantino into JACKIE BROWN: a grown-up, low down, sly and slick piece of filmmaking.

Tarantino, auteur and fanboy supreme, made the canny alteration of turning a sultry, middle-aged, blonde white lady into Pam Grier, icon of blaxploitation and commanding leading lady. Tarantino's film is an exemplar of adaptation, both pulpy and slow-burning, tense and quotable. You might have guessed we both enjoyed it.

How did Seán feel about the new concept of reading on the beach? What is Brian's dramaturgical analysis? Needless to say it all breaks down into the most Broad Appeal conversation ever: A debate over Jodie Foster's Oscar dress. 

Please return your tray tables to their upright positions: here comes Jackie Brown.

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Looking for Mr. Goodbar - BA038
May 23, 2017 10:31 AM PDT
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The same year Diane Keaton won her Best Actress Oscar as ANNIE HALL, she also starred in LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR. Keaton is no stranger to dramatic roles and few actresses have such iconic films as THE GODFATHER, REDS and (I mean, it goes without saying really) THE FIRST WIVES CLUB in their filmography.

But while ANNIE HALL is a classic, GOODBAR is increasingly forgotten. Based on Judith Rossner's best selling book chronicling the life and death of an independent, sexually active young woman, a work Brian has openly called "reprehensible". Seán is eager to view the 1970s as a true period drama but just what, if anything, does it say about sex, independence and death? Would Mia Farrow have done it any better? Who is this nefarious Mr. Goodbar? And have you seen a white lady named Bernice?

Clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks).

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