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Broad Appeal
The podcast that looks back at female-driven films from the not-so-distant past.
Category: TV & Film
Location: London, UK
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by Broad Appeal
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October 19, 2016 04:08 PM PDT
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Before Trump, there was Kyle Hadley -- the spoiled, insecure narcissistic billionaire of WRITTEN ON THE WIND. Kyle (Robert Stack) and sis Marylee (Dorothy Malone) are troubled oil brats, whose lives of decadent luxury are just not enough! Kyle loves Lucy (Lauren Bacall), but Lucy probably loves sexually passive Mitch (Rock Hudson), who is idolised but hated by Kyle who is truly hated by Marylee, who also hates Lucy but definitely loves Mitch. Got it?

For the next installment of The Male Gayz, we bring you Douglas Sirk's story of oil, emasculation, and bongo drums. Sumptuous Technicolor can't bring warmth to these characters, but knockout performances, broiling tension and burning desire make this 1956 melodrama into a tour de force of masculinity in crisis. Who else but Sirk?

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October 05, 2016 04:48 PM PDT

Get your ass into cruise control, boys. Seán and Brian are back with our new miniseries - Broad Appeal: The Male Gayz. We've ditched the chicks and are hanging back with the brutes for seven whole episodes.

We kick off with a re-evaluation of sleazy, sketchy and sloppy(?) sex-sesh CRUISING (1980), directed by William Friedkin who having dealt with the devil in The Exorcist, confronted audiences with something much more demonic: LEATHER.

Al Pacino plays an undercover cop who huffs too many poppers in his quest to find a killer at large on the gay S&M scene. It's explicit, it's weird, it's QUEER. But is it any good? Grab your chaps and let's find out.

All clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

September 21, 2016 02:50 PM PDT

We're back! Well, almost. We spent our first series OD'ing on 1990s oestrogen but before our joyous return to the female form we bring you... SEASON 1.5!! BROAD APPEAL: THE MALE GAYZ is a 7-episode series interrogating masculinity in film. 7 films -- from the 1940s to the 2000s -- that present maleness in all its fragile, horny and transgressive forms. This little teaser will tell you everything you need to know to prepare for our first new episode - coming to you in two weeks. OVER AND OUT.

Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

June 22, 2016 03:02 PM PDT

Emma Thompson AND Kathy Bates?? Now there's a ticket that would truly make America great again! Your two favorite superdelegates can now make it official: the final film of this Broad Appeal Season is Mike Nichols's Clinton-era political satire PRIMARY COLORS (1998).

John Travolta gets top-billing for his Bubba impersonation but Emma brings her trademark wry soulfulness to the role of "Susan Stanton", the much put-upon political spouse who may or may not resemble a certain presumptive 2016 nominee. And Kathy Bates shines bright, delivering big laughs and ultimate heartbreak as a gun-totin', foul-mouthed lesbian driving a pickup truck.

No film could match the absurd laughability of our current political climate, but join us as we filibuster our way through an extra-long discussion of women in politics (and film) from the 90s to today. We're With Her!!

All clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

June 16, 2016 07:26 AM PDT

We're out of here... but not just yet! With the end of our first season just around the corner, we've recorded a special interstitial episode (fancy word, huh?) before next week's podcast.

Brian & Seán adopt an even more devil-may-care tone than usual to reflect on what it's been like to build an ever-growing podcast empire ove the past ten months and to attempt to extract even an ounce of meaning from the whole enterprise. Enjoy this little trifle as an amuse-bouche in advance of the main course (Episode 20), which will air next week at the normal time. Bon Appetit!

June 08, 2016 12:05 PM PDT

A film about sexual sublimation, religious fervour, sisterhood and starring Winona Ryder... how has Brian never seen MERMAIDS (1990)?! Seán has, of course, because Cher.

Winona is Charlotte Flax, the Jewish girl with a flare for romantic Catholicism who desperately tries to be the responsible one, sandwiched between her aquatic kid sister Christina Ricci and her nomadic, flirtatious mother, Cher.

MERMAIDS may have the cheese factor of a ripe Taleggio, but this coming-of-age story is bolstered by the gorgeous and warm performances of these three gifted women. Seán had forgotten how much this film impacted his adolescence, and is ready to dive back in. But is Brian willing to put down his Proust and Shoop, Shoop?

Warning: Contains sexualised Bob Hoskins references. Listener discretion is advised.

All clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

May 25, 2016 08:28 AM PDT

What's worse than a treacherous tramp with a peroxide dye-job? Two of them! Especially when one is your girlfriend and one is your mother.

John Cusack faces that exact situation as he's caught between two "A-list" actresses (Annette and Anjelica) in Stephen Frears's con artist neo-noir THE GRIFTERS (1990).

Adding to the doppelganger action, it turns out that a certain leading lady is also the spitting image of one of your intrepid podcast hosts... While Brian guides Seán through the twists and turns, these two powerhouse dames steal everything in sight -- including the picture. Trust no bitch.

All clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

May 11, 2016 04:05 PM PDT

We don't know about you, but at Broad Appeal we think that if you don't recycle, you deserve to die. And what a shame that this is the one murder that the brilliantly villainous Kathleen Turner doesn't get to commit in SERIAL MOM (1994)!

Turner stars as wife, mother, and murderess, Beverly Sutphin, whose love of Barry Manilow is matched only by her lust for blood and common courtesy! Honestly, what kind of monsters don't rewind their VHS tapes? Is Beverly an Avenging Angel, or Ted Bundy's suburban concubine?

Brian has managed to live his whole life without being exposed to the filth of John Waters, while his brand of self-aware-trash was what a young Seán lived on. Will they get a kick out of this highly quotable, tongue-in-cheek camp satire...?

All clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

April 27, 2016 04:27 PM PDT

What's more plausible: the existence of God or intelligent alien life? Frankly, both are more believable than Jodie Foster's romance with Matthew McConaughey in CONTACT (1997).

Jodie is Ellie Arroway, a scientist so brilliant and dedicated to her cause that no-one, and we mean no-one, seems to realise she might be an actual expert on this stuff.

Watch how men of the 90s mansplain extraterrestrial life, God, government funding and who knows what else to one of the powerhouse actresses of the decade.

Will Seán warm to Brian's 'space-is-profound' type of sci-fi, or have his own crisis of faith? There can be miracles, when you believe...

P.S. Angela Bassett.

All clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

April 14, 2016 05:36 AM PDT

Two of our Broad Appeal favourites, Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder, team up in outer space for Alien:Resurrection (1997), a sci-fi with a French twist, thanks to director Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Reunited with the beloved xenomorph and forced to battle them in the next life, Sigourney Weaver slithers into character as the resurrected Ellen Ripley in a decidedly weird performance. Winona Ryder... does the best she can.

Seán, with his bizarrely extensive knowledge of the Alien universe hopes to sweetly plant a chestburster next to Brian's heart to warm him to the franchise. But with the inevitable blood and gore, it may take a bit more convincing for Brian, who's skin is crawling at the prospect.

All clips from the film presented according to fair use policy. Podcast Theme: "Pipeline" by CyberSDF (https://soundcloud.com/cybersdf/tracks)

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